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We feel that the building strong IT Skills in young generation is very important for their creative growth. We need to prepare students for Logical thinking, better understanding of life, decision making abilities & leaderships skills to become a successful person and Good Human being. A person with vision, mission and passion to achieve its goal.

CreativeCoder is the first complete training institution for kids with mission to build ecosystem of talented young entrepreneur in the world to create World Class Technologies. Kids use the fundamentals of logic to create AI-enabled games, animations and apps.

Research benefits of Early Childhood Coding:
+99% increase in concentration
+74% improvement in logic
Transformed Thinking +27%
What will you learn in a coding course for kids ?

CreativeCoder's coding courses are oriented towards visual coding and programming.

You will learn:
  • The foundation of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence
  • To create Interactive Websites, Apps & Animations
  • How to work with data using the programming languages
  • To work & think like problem solver
  • Understand how technologies integrate.

The prime aim of “CreativeCoder” is to fulfil the need of Founders & Creators in the Society.

Core Values
  • CreativeCoder demands Excellence.
  • CreativeCoder challenges FIXED MINDSET.
  • CreativeCoder always has a quest for learning.
  • CreativeCoder is a relationship for life.
  • CreativeCoder always believes in respect.
  • CreativeCoder is Responsive and Result Oriented.
  • CreativeCoder always adds value to your life.
  • CreativeCoder believes in working together, learning together and progressing together.
  • If you are a passionate parent and motivated about technology and where it can lead your kid to, then Join now. If you or your kid would like to know more about the opportunities provided by CreativeCoder coding programs, explore the kids programming courses offered by CreativeCoder. You can also consider enrolling for a free trial. Remember, no coding experience is required to learn this course.


    By 24 Oct 2022, CreativeCoder will be well establish, respectable and international educational brand for kids. CreativeCoder branches will be available all over the world. CreativeCoder will be associated with International Schools.


    To Increase logical thinking & positive learning approach by providing innovative customized top notch educational services.


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